Character: Boxer Antica Merchant
World: Antica

Banor, The Poison of Warlords
A singular huge battle where the first humans faced the powerful orc hordes on their glorious times explains why there is a particularly interesting title that was forgotten centuries ago by tibians when referring to the most important human in Tibia… Which is: Banor, the Poison of Warlords. It is an old tale dating back to the foundation of Tradespot, which we call nowadays as Thais. The battle consolidated the supremacy of the sons and daughters of Banor over this land… I am referring to the legendary Battle of Tradespot Forest, the one where Banor’s Sword was used for the last time, culminating in the construction of the Ancient Temple.
Banor, the first human, skilled both with physical weapons and magical skill, owner of his legendary sword, was also a man of excellent capabilities both for public administration and wars. He was the leader of the first human settlement on Ankrahmun and had fought innumerous battles against the enemies of humans – This happened until the evil Efreet cast a magical firestorm that ravaged the entire continent.
Followed by the mass migration, it is known that the humans landed on the southwest coast of the Mainland Continent. Over there, they built a city called Tradespot. One day, a scouting party came back bringing the terrible news of a massive orc horde moving to wipe out the humans refugees once for all. Banor and every inhabitant of Tradespot, all of them battle hardened veterans from several years of warfare, decided to bring the battle to the shadow of Mount Sternum, at the Tradespot forests and fight for their fate, instead of being sieged by their most cruel enemies.
Acting as a warchief, Banor lead the last army of humankind. It is worth noticing that the first humans of Tibia held similar power to Banor, even though no human alive would match Banor. The great orc army was indeed surprised and had massive losses of orc soldiers that were promptly smashed by the battle-hardened veterans. The fierce humans where excited with the possibility of eliminating the horde once for all, so they drove the remnants until they were close to the bridge connecting the surroundings of Thais and Kazordoon…
But something was off about it… Banor was worried on why they only fought low ranks so far… Suddenly, an ambush happened, just as Banor anticipated. A huge quantity of Orc Warlords decided to join the fray… All of them invisible! This spread general chaos among humans, with hundreds of casualties on the human side.
But Banor always knew that to do. And he knew exactly that there was only one spell able to turn the tides of this massacre… Back in this day, Banor still held the knowledge of the ancient Poison Storm. This spell was forgotten and is now believed that practically there is no one alive who can perform it. It causes a mass poisoning explosion around the caster, and orcs were always sensible to the effects of poison…
Famous for using all kinds of abilities, Banor quickly shouted several times the now forgotten words exevo gran mas pox. This spell revealed hundreds of invisible poisoned Warlords that were invisible in the battlefield! Furious after seeing so many humans dying, Banor promptly started a frenzy elimination of these cunning enemy leaders. The rest of the human army killed thousands of the scared orc horde that disbanded and started to flee!
The legend ends with the following passage, where humans assembled around Banor after so many deaths on that day:
“After the outcome of the Battle of Tradespot Forest, Banor draw his mystical sword, stuck fiercely the blade in the ground somewhere in the forest and with a sorrowful voice, said:
– Hear me Tibians, remember that this is a land that we will embrace not only as our homeland, but also as our last final grave… A temple shall be built here and bury my sword as sacrifice in order to honor the Gods that helped us against the certain demise in the hands of Orcs and also to honor our fallen comrades of today!”
And this is what happened to Banor’s mythic weapon, why the Ancient Temple was erected, how the Tradespot Forest Battle happened and why Banor was once known for centuries in the tradition as The Poison of Warlords. About Banor’s final rest, old folklore tales tell us that his tomb is also buried deep, somewhere, in the Ancient Temple…


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