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And so I was born! Me, Banor – masterpiece creation by all good Tibian Gods. A holy warrior – half god, half human… I have been called to carry the mission of justice, peace in the world and save the human race, as well as be their good leader in the fight against evil. I was supposed to get a twin-brother who would have amazing magical powers, but the bad and vanity Zathroth stolen his prototype and created The first Demon Overlord. THIS, what was supposed to be good was used for bad intentions, so Gods created powerful sword called Excalibug for me.

DAY 48

My apprentices, despite many of their weaknesses, are a bright and brave people. They took a fight against the undead and other vile creatures in the world, letting them know that a powerful new enemy was born. Many fierce and bloody battles have been fought, but I have led them from victory to victory. Despite the difficult situation, we still had the support of the Gods. Uman revealed the secrets of magic to them, and therefore many people in the future became a powerful magician. Others were taught by Crunor, the Lord of the Trees, the secret of life, and became druids, able to heal the wounds of war wounded against a relentless enemy. Those people who learned the secret of life best, later assisted Crunor in creating new creatures that still inhabit Tibia today. Unfortunately, many of these creatures were annihilated, once and for all, by the cruel enemy army. And the war was on and on, but this is the destiny.

Day 156

Miracle! Ankrahmun Fortification’ day. I worked on it for many days, tired of all these battles, without rest. Everyone was already weakening as we’re increasingly surrounded by the treacherous hordes of orcs and undead raiding the southwestern coast. On my advice, Pharaoh of Ankrahmun has created a mighty army and prepared the city. It gave us new opportunities, hope for victory and many new successes.

DAY 185

The gods have appointed the prophet Daraman to help solve conflict with djnns, who pose a challenge and danger. They defeated the people in several important battles. The situation looked ruined. So Daramian became a friend of the Marids. Unfortunately, his teachings caused a lot of controversy among with Efreets and it started a civil war! Gabel, greatly influenced by Daraman, openly promoted the peaceful coexistence of humans and genies. I myself didn’t know which side should be supported, but in the end we decided to make an alliance with the Marids. In the Battle of Ankrahmun against Efreet, we acted together! The Efreets had secretly allied with the necromancers of Drefia. A cataclysmic firestorm unleashed by Efreet set fire to all of Kha’labal, turning the former paradise into a barren wasteland forever. The place was named Darama, from Daraman, but it’s hard to say if it’s in his honor. He shed many tears which were the cause of regret and anger. They had the mighty power that cursed the place forever. We had to look for a new place to build humanity.

DAY 247

Many days have passed, we have fought many wars – only few of us have survived. But it’s finally time for peace…. I found a continent that will be perfect for the development of the human race. I brought a great fortress here and founded my own dynasty. I met the love of my life, Kirana and we gave life for a beautiful woman, Elane – our only daughter. Powet given to me by the Gods let me make my baby became a master and first of the noble paladins. Today she teaches others at her’s academy by sharing skills and abilities. I’m fed up with wars, but it may not be over yet. It will be an honor to fight for humanity with my beloved daughter

Day 324

Together with Uman, we decided to split the vortex. There were rumors that the vortex allowed souls from beyond the realm to enter the world of Tibia, and many great heroes could fought the forces of destruction in their new bodies. Unfortunately, also the agents of destruction and evil entered the world through this portal and too many dark forces appeared. It was destroying everything what we’ve built. Now, one strand of the vortex leads to Rookgaard and the other to Thais’ temple. From that day on, the newborn heroes awoke the protected island of Rookgaard, and only stronger and better prepared souls could travel to the continent.


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