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Text: After the creation of the universe and the constant wars that followed it, Uman decided to bring together the great ancient gods for a peculiar event: The creation of a new creature, which would be able to end wars and destruction. For this, he gave a mission to each guest: to bring something they wanted to add to the genesis of the new creature, so that it would become the greatest creature ever created so far.
Fardos, enthusiastically, tried to prepare a bottle filling it with what, for him, was more important for the new creature to possess: the gift of kindness.
The water decided to donate the gift of healing to the new creature. Thus, for her, they would be the only creatures capable of cheating death.
Fire chose to give humans the gift of strength. Thus, for him, they would be the only creatures capable of submitting other creatures to his domain.
The earth chose to give humans the gift of resistance. Thus, for him, they would have the ability to withstand various evils without failing or falling.
The air chose to present humans with the gift of dexterity. Thus, for him, they would be able to observe the world around them and with their abilities to dominate creatures without them even noticing their presence.
Zathroth, when he heard about the creation event, fearing the abilities that this new creature would have, decided to sabotage the event and secretly planned his own bottle, placing the gift of envy in it.
«From jealousy, hatred, fear, and contempt will arise. From a curse, so many others unimaginable to me may arise. Good things I can expect from this creature, right?» Excitedly, he put his bottle away before anyone noticed.
The big day has come. All the great ancient gods arrived at the majestic creation hall and Uman cried out:
– Welcome. This day will go down in history. Before we start, would anyone like to contribute a name for this species that we will create today? he said, disconcerting while making preparations.
– Me! said the air that quickly leapt from the entrance to Uman’s side: How about Humus? After all, they will inhabit and dominate the earth!
– How about … something like Human? Thus would carry the union of Humus, which means earth, and Uman, they creator. – Water calmly interrupted.
– So be it. Humans – Uman said with satisfaction.
One by one, the ancient gods took their bottles to the center of the room, where a large white globe shine, and put it on. However, as soon as the earth, the last god finished depositing his flask in the center of the room, Zathroth, who had pretended to be unconscious so far, dropped a grandiose marble statue of Tibiasula in the north of the room, breaking it into a huge bang. All the gods were frightened, and in the reflection, the air god released a great breeze, which involuntarily left their pores. The fire god, along with his cry, echoed a flame, which, in harmony with the air god, had flooded the room.
Before chaos reigned, Fardos quickly separated a portion of the mixture and placed it in a mold.
During the confusion, before the water goddess broke the flame that almost filled the place, Zathroth quickly took his bottle and poured it on the globe. The speed with which he acted made it impossible for any of the other gods to notice what was done.
The grand hall had calmed down with screams of Fardos crying out: It’s ready! There it was: The first created human. Uman bowed against the creature and cried out: I am honored to have been your creator. Water, with a singing smile said «Honnor … is a good name.». The fire, disagreeing, said: Only a creature with great bravery would be born in the midst of this chaos… Brave is more appropriate.
And they repeated in chorus almost as if it were rehearsed: «Brave … Honnor … Banor.»
The humans made afterwards were already contaminated with the envy of Zathroth, and there has never been in humanity, a human who possessed the purity of Banor, superior to the other creatures of his species since its creation. A curved ancient god has never been seen or will come again in history against a mortal.
The mixture was unbalanced by Zathroth and lost its harmony. Thus, it is believed that those humans who received more content from the earth, are more resistant than others and form what we call Knight today. And so it goes on with other vocations.
However, there was a day, in just a single moment, a man whose proportions were perfect and that all gifts had dominated, Banor.
Human wisdom has since been blurred by a blur of envy, so it has been for many generations, and it will be so for eternity. For this reason, humans have always gone to Banor, the only uncorrupted human, looking for advice on how to command their empires, become great or beg for protection.
To the one born in chaos, to the most majestic human whose grandeur can never be matched by another equal: Banor, I leave this chronicle. May your soul keep the pure essence of its harmonious proportions, we salute you!
Name: Griggi
World: Belobra


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